Bootstrap Compost is Greater Boston’s only year-round kitchen scrap pickup service. We use bikes, trains, hand trucks, and the occasional vehicle to collect and transport compostable material from houses, apartments, dorms, co-ops, and condos. Additionally, we’ll happily collect scraps from farmer’s markets, cafes, restaurants, concerts, festivals, cult gatherings — you name it. And the coolest thing is this: all active Bootstrap customers receive a portion of super rich compost 10-15 weeks after their initial deposit to the Bootstrap Compost bank. The second coolest thing is this: We donate finished compost to school and community garden projects in Boston.

Ultimately, the Bootstrap Compost philosophy is simple: To give Bostonians a means to harness the power of organic scraps; to give back to the community what Bootstrap borrows from the community; to have fun; to enjoy work. Read & see more about our work on our blog.