Big Bootstrap news: now serving Little Rhody

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Eighty months into our experiment of harnessing the power of organics in Boston, Bootstrap has taken the leap into Providence. We’re mighty excited to bring our unique door-to-door service to Rhode Island, which will allow a whole new population to divert its organics responsibly, while helping to create thousands of pounds of nutrient-rich compost for area gardens, schools, and homes. In keeping our Providence collections local (via partnerships with R.I.-based The Compost Plant and City Farm [the oldest urban farm in Providence!]), we’ll stay true to one of our founding values: “To give back to the community what we take from the community.”

Meanwhile, we invite all existing Bootstrap customers to spread the word to your friends and family in Providence. Land us a customer in the Providence metro area and Team Boot will award you four free visits (be sure that the new customer includes your name in our “Heard About” section). Additionally, we’ll happily set up a composting program for your office or event – just give us a shout!


Andy Brooks of Bootstrap drops off collections at City Farm with the help of farm steward Rich Pederson

The recent history of composting in Providence goes like this. In 2013, the city’s Office of Sustainability oversaw a handful of composting hubs at three sites throughout the city. Soon thereafter, a curbside pilot program was managed and executed by ecoRI. In 2014, Providence native and all-around mensch Anders Newkirk took over and expanded the program, eventually serving around 100 households on either a weekly or biweekly basis. When Team Boot learned that Anders wanted to focus on compost production rather than collections, we offered to purchase his accounts. Fortunately, he accepted. Clearly, we’d like to thank Anders (aka, “The ‘Post Man”) for shepherding Bootstrap’s involvement and role in Providence. In a farewell email to his customers, he wrote:

I have very much enjoyed providing this service to you all, but I feel like Bootstrap has the necessary time and resources to really grow this service into something bigger and better, and I’m excited to see what they are able to accomplish here in Rhode Island. Bootstrap is a very responsible and team-oriented company that values their employees as well as the communities they serve. Staff members receive a starting wage of $14/hour and are offered health insurance. Bootstrap gives back to their communities by donating finished compost to schools, community gardens, and their clients. They also make presentations at schools and community events (free of charge) on the merits of composting as it relates to climate change and agriculture.

Preach Anders. And thanks again for your seal of approval and invaluable advice and guidance. We look forward to empowering the residents of Providence in their efforts to battle climate change, support urban ag, and redefine waste.