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Bootstrap Compost: Premium composting & customer love!

At Bootstrap, our mission is simple: to provide you with premium composting services that prioritize both environmental sustainability and customer satisfaction. We take great pride in what we do, and work hard to deliver the best products and services we can! But don’t just take our word for it – our customers rave about our service! (Thanks for making us a 5 star company on Yelp!)

One customer from Rhode Island said, “Bootstrap was a great addition to my life when I lived in RI and MA. They were consistent and reliable and reduced my trash considerably. Bootstrap was always prompt to respond to questions. Thanks, Bootstrap!”

Another service member agrees, calling us a “phenomenal company” that “does everything right,” from our amazing pick-up and drop-off services to our dependable customer service. One customer who has been with us for over two years and says, “Great service and terrific customer service…Bootstrap is so much better [than other services I’ve tried].”

Our online system also makes it easy to adjust your schedule when you’re away or order compost (you get a certain amount free!). “Bootstrap makes it so easy to compost! Put food scraps in the bucket, and put the bucket out for pickup. Plus their online system makes it easy to pause my schedule when I’m away or order compost. I love it!”

Not only do we make composting easy and hassle-free, but we are also committed to social justice. We believe that composting is not just an environmental issue but a social one too. We work to empower communities to take control of their food waste and use it to build healthy soils and grow healthy food.

If you’re looking for a premium composting service that is easy, clean, tidy, and committed to customer service, look no further than Bootstrap Compost! We’re here to help you reduce your waste and make a positive impact on the planet. Check out our services here!