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Celebrating 10,000,000 Pounds Composted: A Gratitude-filled Milestone

In its 12th-year of existence, Team Boot achieved a mighty milestone in the summer of 2023: collecting and processing an astounding 10,000,000 pounds of organic waste from households and businesses in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. This milestone would have been impossible without the support and dedication of our clients. Thank you, Boot Nation, for your dedication to smart organics management! Clearly, your efforts add up. And up. And up. 

A decade of growth:

The road to 10,000,000 pounds diverted has been a journey filled with passion, perseverance, and purpose. Over a decade ago, Bootstrap Compost began as a modest community initiative with a vision of creating a positive impact on the environment. The response we received from our first few customers was overwhelming and it was clear that together, we were on to something truly special.  

The power of collaboration:

At Bootstrap Compost, we firmly believe that sustainability is a collective effort. We are immensely grateful for the partnerships and collaborations we have forged with local businesses, community organizations like Groundwork Somerville and Mill City Grows, and like minded environmental advocates (thank you, MothersOutFront). Your support has been instrumental in spreading the message of composting far and wide and making a tangible difference in the fight against climate change.

Compost champions:

To our loyal customers, you are the heartbeat of our organization! Each week, as you diligently separate your organic waste and place it in our compost bins, you reinforce the spirit of sustainability that defines Bootstrap Compost. Your commitment to composting has not only led to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (approximately 7,372,863 pounds saved), but it has also conserved precious resources by diverting organic matter away from landfills. Furthermore, your efforts have enriched the soil in the region, promoting healthier plant growth and cultivating a more robust environment for generations to come. Together, we have transformed “waste” into a valuable resource that nurtures plant life and fosters a healthier environment for future generations.

To the future!

As we look ahead, we invite both businesses and households to join us in this endeavor. Reach out to us at and let’s work together to make a lasting difference. Embrace composting, and let’s nurture a future that’s both sustainable and thriving.