Client Q&A: Zachary Patten

By Igor Kharitonenkov
Co-Founder at Bootstrap Compost, Inc.

Last week we gave a melancholy farewell to one of our long-time supporters, Zak Patten, as he packs his bags and moves out of the area. A Northeastern University graduate and marketing professional, Zak is a true Bootstrap OG, having been with us for almost our entire run of 5 years. Zak started Bootstrap services on March 7, 2011, just three months into our founding. Those were primitive times, back when we had about 40 clients (that’s roughly 1360 fewer than we have today), with only Andy to run the show with a bike and trailer. Given his commitment to composting and Bootstrap, we thought it would be fitting to sit down with Mr. Patten for a quick Q&A.

ZakPatten-BootstrapBucket (2)

How did you hear about us?
I don’t remember, but I might just have googled “compost pickup.”

Why did you sign up for Bootstrap?
I wanted to reduce my environmental impact in a variety of ways and this seemed like a solution that had multiple benefits.

In what other ways do you recycle, conserve and stay environmentally sound?
I recycle as much as possible and use public transportation when possible.

Do you have children? If so, are they apart of the composting process? If not, do you have
roommates? Have you influenced others to compost? (Roommates, family members, neighbors, etc.)
Yes, two children. They are helpful in dumping their leftovers into the bin. I have also told lots of friends about Bootstrap whenever composting has come up. They always think it’s a great idea.

How have you enjoyed the service?
It’s a great service, very convenient, especially with automatic payment set up.