Compost Round Up: “Stick This in Your Tailpipe”

Today we thought we would take a moment and highlight our star food scrap, the banana peel. From our experience, at least half the buckets we collect have these suckers in ’em at any given time. Why, oh why, you may ponder, is this important?

Banana Peel
Did you know that 25% of peels are thrown into landfills, resulting in the emission of methane, a harmful greenhouse gas? Americans eat 304 bananas every second – 12% of a banana’s weight is it’s peel, meaning over 780 million pounds of peels per year are on their way to the landfill to release over 740 million pounds of harmful GHGs.

Fortunately our savvy Bootstrap compost warriors are making a big dent right here in Boston. But how many of us know what else we can do with our peels, in addition to composting? Check out this awesome info-graphic, created by Sustainable America, to find out the many uses of a banana peel.

And watch this 3 minute video to learn how to make banana peel fertilizer!

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