Compost Round Up: “Know your compost friends”

Compost Round Up: “Know your compost friends”

As we’re all aware, compost week-or weeks, shall we say, has been a main focus of BSC lately. If you spent any time shoveling, sifting, or packing, you may have noticed a number of compost critters, or “friends”, living amongst the piles.

Alas, we’re referring to millipedes, roly polies, collembolas, snails, bacteria, worms and more! Verily, they make compost what it is, but, how well do we know our friends? What do they like to eat? What characteristics make them unique? What do they look like? How do they interact with each other?

See the attached ‘Compost Critter Information Sheet’ to get acquainted. Whether you’re composting at home or in a classroom, this is a resource for identifying different creatures and their individual benefits for your compost pile!

Compost Critters Information Sheet

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