Compost Tea

Brewed to order!

If you’re looking for all of the benefits of compost tea (easy application; a shot of helpful microbes to your plants; water retention in soil) but wish to skip the home brewing process, then this is your jam. Order Bootstrap’s Brewed-To-Order Compost Tea and we will deliver 5-gallons directly to your doorstep. All for $32. Our concoction is brewed for 24 hours using high-tech pumps and low-tech ingredients (castings and compost). The resulting tea is potent and should be diluted at a 1:10 ratio with water. It may be used to fertilize lawns, fruit trees, garden beds, or houseplants; just make sure to apply it within 48 hours to maximize the benefits. (Remember, this liquid is alive!)

If you’re interested in a weekly or biweekly compost tea treatment for your lawn or garden, please consider purchasing four rounds of compost tea at once for $110. We’ll schedule their deliveries and you’ll know that your garden will be set for the season.

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