At Bootstrap, we believe that offering educational opportunities on the merits of composting is just as important as providing reliable service to our customers. Our hands-on workshops and presentations give kids and adults alike a look inside the wide world of waste management, covering everything from landfills to the soil food web and our favorite decomposers (red wigglers, of course). Bootstrap’s education team tailors its workshops to people of all generations with the understanding that no matter your age or profession, digging through a worm bin will most likely be the highlight of their week (or at the very least, the least forgettable!). What’s more, compost education is actually in line with the MA STEM requirements for K-6 (as luck would have it, our workshops reinforce and satisfy many of the learning objectives found in the standards through hands-on activities.) Rooted in our history, mission and values, we offer lectures on sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship for high school, college, and graduate students. While eligible customers can receive a presentation on the house, we welcome groups outside the Bootstrap family to sign up for an educational workshop below. WARNING: our worms might just convince you to sign up for service!

If you’d like to have your group take part in a workshop or invite Bootstrap to speak at your school or event, send us an email using the contact form below.