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Exploring the benefits & application of compost to your cannabis plants

Since its legalization, cannabis has seen an explosion in growth for business and personal use. Entrepreneurs see an expanding market while enthusiasts grow their favorite strains for consumption. Whatever the motivation, the quality of the bud is at the center of cannabis enjoyment.

The soil you grow your cannabis in is undoubtedly the most important factor in the potency and yield of the flower. That said, many of the chemical fertilizers that yield large crops also pose health concerns. 

Thankfully, composting provides growers with a natural way to enhance soil quality and improve plant health. Mixing compost in soil introduces beneficial microbes that optimize nitrogen levels and balance protein delivery to plants. That way, you can improve your bud quality without worrying about consuming potentially dangerous toxins. 

To get you started, we outlined both the benefits and application of compost to your cannabis!

How compost enhances cannabis

Compost is the product of controlled decomposition of any organic material. It is loaded with essential nutrients and acts as a fertilizer that stimulates organic growth. It also plays a critical role in improving soil air flow and moisture retention, helping root systems more easily grow and absorb nutrients. 

Cannabis grows best in slightly acidic soil with a pH ranging from 5-7. Adding compost helps maintain optimal levels as it lowers the pH of garden soil over time. This helps limit disease,  studies show, while ensuring your plant produces large flower yields. 

Even better, you can further enrich your soil with worm castings, aka worm poop. Castings provide additional nutrients that significantly enhance plant growth making them the perfect compliment for compost. 

Applying compost & castings to your cannabis

In order to maximize your yield, we recommend planting cannabis in a three parts soil to one part compost ratio mix. Doing so increases root exposure while delivering balanced nutrient levels. In this environment cannabis thrives, improving the taste and smell of your flower. 

Alternatively, compost can be applied directly to the soil. Add a 1-3 inch layer of compost to the bed and then gently move it down to the roots. Make sure you watch for soil clumping and do not disturb your roots! 

Part of the appeal of castings is how easy they are to apply. Simply sprinkle 1-2cm of castings onto the soil bed, then as you water the castings will seep down onto the roots. It’s that easy!

How we can enrich your cannabis 

We provide an array of products to assist with your cannabis efforts. Our compost is full of soil enhancing nutrients and castings which once applied, enrich cannabis growth. We also offer individual bags of worm castings for those who want extra microbial support. Please note, our castings come in compostable bags! Point is, if you plan on storing the castings for later use, we would advise transferring the castings to another (more durable) container. Our compostable bags will degrade over time.

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