Rock our gear and proudly promote Bootstrap and your allegiance to composting and sustainable lifestyles and donate to charity – 10% of proceeds are donated to Greater Boston Food Bank.

At Bootstrap, we offer two types of merch. Our Bootstrap Boutique allows our clients to submit any item of clothing to the Boot to be patched up and returned with our logo! Just as you give new life to food scraps in the form of a soil amendment, transform your old clothing into an original Bootstrap product.

Alternatively, we can hand print or patch up a new shirt for you! More info below (link).

So how does the Bootique work?

We will collect, patch up and deliver items of your choice (t-shirt, hat, jeans, fanny pack, etc.) for $10 each.

  1. Fill out your order form and make a payment
  2. On your pickup day, leave your soon-to-be patched items in a paper bag (next to your bucket) with a note reading “for Bootstrap pickup.” Include your order form.
  3. We will collect and patch up your gear
  4. Within 2 to 4 weeks, your gear is returned back to you

Where do we patch?

Unless otherwise specified, we will patch each item of clothing where conventionally appropriate: top left for shirts and upper-body wear. Center middle for hats. Back pocket for jeans. If you have specific preferences, please note these in the order form and we will do our best to follow your instructions.

What about new gear?

For $20, we will hand print or patch up a new shirt, no problemo. Just fill out this order form and make a payment here. Within 2 to 4 weeks we will deliver or send a shirt to your address. See some examples below.