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Iggy’s Bakery: Partnering with Bootstrap to reclaim and reuse

In the bustling food scene of Boston, Iggy’s Bakery has carved out a special place for itself. Known far and wide for its delectable baked goods and artisanal offerings, this beloved establishment has earned a reputation that extends to cafes, restaurants, farmers markets, and grocery stores of all sizes. Today, we’re excited to share a heartwarming story of collaboration and sustainability with one of our esteemed partners, Iggy’s Bakery.

It all began at the start of October when a member from Iggy’s team reached out to us with an interesting proposal. In addition to their mouth watering pastries and bread, Iggy’s Bakery purchases honey and maple syrup for their delectable creations. These sweet treasures come in sturdy white 5-gallon buckets with convenient lids and handles. While these containers served a single-use purpose at the bakery, they recognized that there could be a more eco-friendly destiny for them.

The message conveyed their desire to give these buckets a second chance at life, aligning perfectly with our mission of promoting sustainability. In the spirit of cooperation and shared environmental responsibility, Iggy’s offered to pass these containers along to us after a thorough cleaning. Iggy’s had 45 buckets in their possession, along with 12 lids (some lids, unfortunately, ended up with the recycling). But this was just the beginning; they were ready and willing to save more for us, understanding the significance of multi-use over single-use in the world of compost pick-ups.

This initiative showcases a partnership that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of commercial collaboration. It underscores the commitment of companies like Iggy’s Bakery to make a positive impact on the environment and their local community. At Bootstrap, we were not only thrilled by the generous offer from Iggy’s Bakery  but also inspired by their dedication to sustainability. This story embodies the true spirit of reclamation and reuse – turning what was once considered a single-use item into a valuable resource for compost pick-ups.