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Important: Compost Policy Update!

Hello composters,

This year our compost distribution program has undergone some KEY updates with the goal of increasing company efficiency and customer happiness, we hope.

UPDATE ONE: Every customer is afforded 5 gallons (or 5 shares [1 gallon = 1 share]) of finished compost per calendar year. If you would like more than 3 shares in a single delivery, your delivery will arrive in a full 5-gallon black Bootstrap bucket. As a consequence, your compost allotment for the year will be fulfilled. No more juggling individualized “shares”! Like years past, we are asking to have these buckets returned ASAP. If you wish to keep the black bucket, please let us know. We can accommodate that for a $5 fee. On the other hand, if you’d like a delivery of only 1-3 shares, those will come in individual one-gallon pails. Again, please return the pails when you are done with them!

UPDATE TWO: Owing to demand and our growth, we have decided to limit the distribution of our compost from March 1 to the end of September. Should you need a soil amendment product outside that timeframe, please head over to our online store to check out our premium fertilizer products, such as our nutrient-rich worm castings (artisanally crafted in-house in Everett), our readymade “Worm Box” and compost tea.

UPDATE THREEPlease note that delivery times can fluctuate based on demand. To meet your growing needs, please get your compost request in as soon as possible. We, in turn, will strive to have all orders dispatched to your stoop or driveway within 4 weeks of your order date and likely much sooner. We appreciate your patience as we pull off the biggest compost return campaign in our 12 year history!

SIDE NOTE: For those who have been credited 3 additional shares of compost for switching to ACH payments, those credited shares will be honored if they are yet to have been redeemed! However, the ACH conversion deal will end now. 

**Of course, to request a compost delivery please log-in to your customer portal and click on the “shop” tab to place your order. Once you checkout, we will schedule your compost delivery to coincide with your routine bucket service! We will begin accepting requests for compost deliveries now.**

As always, let us know if you have any questions or concerns and thank you for your commitment to slaying waste.

– Team Boot