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Ever since we started, we’ve described our office service as “premium” and here’s why: Bootstrap will outfit your kitchen or pantry area(s) with new SimpleHuman stainless steel cans and laminated signs to match the staff size and organics output of your workplace. Once a week (or more, if needed) a member of Team Boot will empty the receptacle, replace the liner, and conduct a spot cleaning of the can before hauling your fruits and vegetables, coffee grounds, tea bags, and paper towels (among other items) to a commercial facility in Saugus. This aforementioned material is uniquely suited for composting because it’s carbon rich and has a light bulk density. Add the occasional leftovers from a catered lunch and offices suddenly represent a jackpot for generating future black gold!





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Additionally, Bootstrap will periodically deliver tidy shares of finished compost back to your office for staff members to use at home. We also provide quarterly reports that outline your environmental impact through wise resource management. Rates start at $24 per visit for the first can and we do offer flexible payment tiers for nonprofits, places of learning, and offices with multiple floors that require several cans.

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