School Services

How Does It Work?

Bootstrap provides 48-gallon wheeled toters to school cafeterias and kitchens to collect food waste. On a weekly basis (or several times a week, as needed) we exchange full toters for washed and sanitized toters for the next week of use. From the get-go, we work with schools (and their staff) to devise and then implement the right strategy and schedule to manage their organics. We also provide quarterly reports that describe your establishment’s environmental impact, all while sharing your composting journey through our social media channels. Fees and prices vary, depending on volume, location, and budgetary constraints. We can work with the school district as a whole, directly with individual schools, or through the district’s Food Service Provider (FSP), whatever works best for your schools! To get the Boot rolling, please fill out this form and we’ll send along a proposal shortly.

How To Reach Us For School Service

Bootstrap works with dozens of schools across Massachusetts and Rhode Island to divert their food waste from the landfill and compost it instead! We teach students, faculty, and staff how to sort out compost from trash and recycling, and the environmental benefits of doing so. But it’s not just about diverting food waste, there’s so much more to Bootstrap’s School Service program! We offer a free educational session at the start of each school year for every school that we partner with, and throughout the year we send our members of our team of Compost Educators to lead in-class workshops in conjunction with students’ science and sustainability curriculum. We also donate 200 lbs of finished compost each spring to our partner schools for gardening and growing projects on campus. It’s truly a full-circle, interdisciplinary approach to serving not just the lunch room, but the whole school community!

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