Scrappy Holidays from Team Boot!

Back by popular demand, we’re offering the Scrappy New Year subscription this holiday season!
Pay for a one year subscription up front and get 20% off. See details below for sign-up instructions.

If you’re an existing Bootstrap customer and want the Scrappy New Year deal
Please email and we will switch you over to the Scrappy New Year plan as soon as your current billing cycle ends! Again, we highly recommend reading the service agreement concerning this arrangement. 

If you’re already on the Scrappy New Year plan:
Please let us know if you’d like to renew your annual subscription and please make sure your payment method is up to date in the customer portal! We will bill you when your current subscription ends. If you do not want to take us up on the Scrappy New Year plan, we can put you back on our monthly billing plan ($44 for weekly service, $30 for biweekly service).
If we don’t hear from you, your account will go inactive. 

If you’re buying the Scrappy New Year as a gift (or for yourself!):
Please head over to our store to buy a gift certificate!
The code presented on the certificate can be used during the sign-up process for a year of service!

**We encourage you to review the service agreement of this subscription before purchasing. All sales are final.