From the ‘burbs to downtown, our clean and convenient composting service is there for you. With an arsenal of options, including hand-washed buckets, stainless steel bins, or lined and cleaned toters, we are here to help you keep food waste out of landfills. By composting, you are not only creating all-natural and nutrient rich compost and fertilizer, but are also decreasing the emission of harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Learn more here.

Bucket (5 gal)

Weekly or bi-weekly

$11 (weekly) $15 (bi-weekly)

Can (10 gal)

Weekly or by demand

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Toter (48 gal)

Weekly or by demand

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Embrace sustainable living with Bootstrap’s residential service, providing a 5-gallon bucket for easy collection of organic waste. We also offer buckets for small businesses under 15 employees. 

Provide your workplace with new SimpleHuman stainless steel cans, customized laminated signs, regular waste removal, and spot cleaning, ensuring a clean and eco-friendly environment for your staff.


Bootstrap Compost’s Toter service is the perfect solution for restaurants or events with high compost waste demands, offering a 48-gallon can specifically designed for efficient collection.  restaurants