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Since its founding, Bootstrap has made composting accessible for traditionally underserved work environments. At a time when buildings account for a higher percentage of carbon emissions than transportation, we’re particularly excited to serve top-tier floors of skyscrapers, Chinatown walkups, and other hard-to-reach spots. One such spot is the Boston office of The Nature Conservancy — friends and partners for over two years. Watch how our hands-on composting service makes them happy

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  1. Ellen Shoner

    I would like to talk to someone about having food scraps collected at 4 facilities that we operate in Chelsea. Two are nursing homes and two are assisted living facilities. Three of the facilities are located on one campus. Since we serve 3 meals daily to 350 residents and lunch to another 300 or so employees, there tends to be lots of food garbage! Hoping we can work with you folks to recycle this.

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