Beantown Gold
Our jars of Beantown Gold (a blend of compost and castings) make a unique gift for you or the aspiring green thumb in your life, sure to improve any garden or house plant with minimal effort.
Bootstrap Compost
Our 30-pound shares of silky soil amendment contain worm castings and have been thoroughly sifted and contain magnificent nutritional value, help to retain moisture, and improve soil tilth.
Compost Tea
If you’re looking for all of the benefits of compost tea (easy application; a shot of helpful microbes to your plants; water retention in soil), then our 5-gallon brewed-to-order Compost Tea is your jam.
Compostable Bags
We’ve got you covered with a variety different sizes of BioBags sold by the case: 3, 8, 13, 33, 48 and 64-gallon! Check the product page for pricing. BioBags are certified by the BPI.
Tea Boot
Team Boot has created the Tea Boot: a burlap sack (aka, the tea “bag”) and a supply of compost. You supply the air pump, water and 5-gallon bucket and we’ll bring the rest, including detailed instructions and tips!
The Worm Box
Our ready-to-go vermicomposting bins are perfect for classrooms, homes, and apartment dwellers. These 12-gallon bins come with ~100 red wigglers, yummy worm food, castings and newspaper.