A Green Gospel: Tiny Kitchen Scraps Have Big Civic Impact

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Greetings compost nuts!

Since May, we’ve welcomed over 200 new Bootstrappers into our growing community of urban composters. With so many of you new to the Bootstrap game, we figured it prudent to take a moment to outline the tremendous benefits of having you on board. Your commitment to composting (a completely voluntary commitment at that) is laudable. So please, take a bow.

Now, let’s look at the impacts!

Tiny kitchen scraps; big civic impact!

As a Bootstrap customer, you’re reducing your own carbon footprint (to date, you’ve helped to eliminate the emission of more than half a million pounds of harmful GHGs into the atmosphere), while helping to produce a over 250,000 pounds of natural soil amendment for local growers. Talk about a twofer! Additionally, as a BSC client you’ve helped create and fund over a dozen green jobs; support educational programming for students from kindergarten to college; and reduce the detrimental effects of landfills. So whether you know it or not, every Bootstrap subscriber is part of a community of activists that is spreading a profoundly more sustainable way of life. As a result, your membership allows The Boot to fulfill our biggest mission: empowering residents of Boston and its environs to (more…)

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The ABCs of BSC

Why Compost? Spell it out with B-O-O-T-S-T-R-A-P

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e the envy of your neighbors. With other fools tossing out their food scraps like it’s 1987, Bootstrap brings convenience, practicality, and oodles of cachet to the radical act of food diversion. Get with the future now.

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MG…It’s so easy. Seriously, composting with Bootstrap is essentially hassle-proof: Signup online, get a bucket, start collecting organics.


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ffset landfills. Landfills are fundamentally unsustainable, releasing pollutants into the ground, air and water. By removing organics from the conventional waste stream, we are challenging — and transforming — the very notion of trash.

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ake aim at GHG emissions. Carbon dioxide and methane gas (prevalent offshoots from landfills) contribute to global warming. Composting a pound of kale offsets the emission of .95 pounds of Co2. That’s a (more…)

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