The ABCs of BSC

Why Compost? Spell it out with B-O-O-T-S-T-R-A-P

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e the envy of your neighbors. With other fools tossing out their food scraps like it’s 1987, Bootstrap brings convenience, practicality, and oodles of cachet to the radical act of food diversion. Get with the future now.

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MG…It’s so easy. Seriously, composting with Bootstrap is essentially hassle-proof: Signup online, get a bucket, start collecting organics.


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ffset landfills. Landfills are fundamentally unsustainable, releasing pollutants into the ground, air and water. By removing organics from the conventional waste stream, we are challenging — and transforming — the very notion of trash.

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ake aim at GHG emissions. Carbon dioxide and methane gas (prevalent offshoots from landfills) contribute to global warming. Composting a pound of kale offsets the emission of .95 pounds of Co2. That’s a fact, Jack.

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mell that? Neither do we. Our freshly cleaned buckets come with tight fitting lids and compostable liners that keep odors at bay. Honestly, your collections in our buckets are less offensive than the “Star Wars” prequels.

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hink globally, act locally. Sustainable habits that start in your kitchen spread to local farms, area agriculture, and eventually the sky above you. Taken together, every Bootstrapper is empowering a cleaner and greener Boston.

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ewarding. Gratifying. And possibly addictive. What other green lifestyle choices allow for all that?

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ffordable weekly pickup plans start at just $8. Start making your coffee at home a few times a week and the service practically pays for itself. And you can compost the coffee grounds!

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roduce a resource. As a Bootstrap subscriber, you will receive a share of the finished compost every four months. If you have no need for our primo soil amendment, no worries — we’ll donate your share to a community garden, school, or agricultural project.

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