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The benefits worm castings in your garden and beyond

Fertilizing is an essential component of gardening as it directly impacts the quality of soil. That  said, many of the chemical fertilizers in use today pose a significant risk to human health and have proven to be environmentally catastrophic. Not to mention, artificial fertilizer prices have increased significantly throughout 2022. This has led to increased interest in fertilizer alternatives. Enter worm castings (aka, worm poop). 

Rich in macronutrients and microbial activity, castings help plants increase yield and density. What’s more, there is no risk of over fertilizing since casting are organic. In short, you may apply castings freely, but know too that a little goes a long way. Let’s take a look at how castings benefit your garden.

Why should I use worm castings? 

To start, worm castings benefit all plants either as a foliar spray or when applied directly to the soil. Specifically, the microbes increase shoot weights, leaf areas, and total fruit yields of plants. One study found that the introduction of vermicompost in soil increased flower yield by an average of nearly 30%!! This is because castings speed up soil decomposition, releasing extra nutrients into the ground.

Castings also enhance soil quality by increasing soil aeration and moisture retention. Not only does this improve soil structure, it also boosts your garden’s ability to resist droughts during dry spells. If you are struggling with pest control then vermicompost can help. Several microorganisms found in worm castings work as effective insect repellants. It’s little wonder castings are regarded as “black gold” by green thumbs the world over.  

Vermicompost also enables a closed-loop environment, promoting continued sustainability. Castings have been shown to provide a clean and natural method to manage organic waste, cutting down on landfill use. Both on a large and small scale, adoption of vermicompost offers a variety of advantages which contribute to the circular economy.

Bootstrap Compost worm castings 

Worm castings are an incredible asset for soil health and ongoing sustainability. For those looking for top-notch plant nutrition, check out our Worm Castings! Or if you are looking to make your own castings, we offer The Worm Box, a ready-to-go vermicomposting bin available to those in our service area!

Here at Bootstrap Compost, we are committed to selling quality products that promote closed loop environments. We use locally collected food waste to make our products, effectively recovering nutrients otherwise destined to be shipped far away. This means you get all of the benefits of castings while also supporting local Massachusetts communities. A true win win.

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