What’s new at Bootstrap? August Edition

Dear Boot Nation,

And just like that, July came and went with nary a newsletter to satisfy your cravings for all things Bootstrap. Truth is, the month simply got away from us as our attention — evidently — was focused on, uh, all things Bootstrap. Indeed, ownership and operations at the company have spent the summer on making some major moves, including:

* Consolidating residential routes for greater efficiency
* Quadrupling our network of farming partners to keep scraps local
Building a robust commercial sales team

All said, it’s been an unusually busy few months, certainly by summer standards. How rewarding, then, that effective immediately these new improvements and services are making their way to your community! Have questions about any of these initiatives? Please email info@bootstracompost.com.


We wanted to remind y’all of the benefits that await you when you refer a friend or neighbor. When you prompt a buddy to sign up for Bootstrap, ask them to write YOUR name (the name associated with your account) in the “Referral” section of the sign-up form. If they do, we will credit YOUR account two free visits as a thank you for engaging your community with Bootstrap. There is no limit to these credits; so by all means, refer away!

Watch the trailer here!


Finally, as a reminder, our GoFundMe campaign to replace half of our conventional fleet with EVs rolls onward. With nearly $15K of funds raised since June, the campaign is actively supporting our two existing EVs; getting them road-ready to serve the congested streets of Greater Boston with zero emissions at the tailpipe. If you haven’t contributed yet, there’s still time — just head over to our GoFundMe page and donate whatever extra scratch feels right. And a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who has already participated. You are an integral part of Bootstrap’s ambitious but vital net-zero goals.

Rot on, thank you and happy August!


Andy, Igor, Stom + Team Boot