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What’s new at Bootstrap? January edition

Greetings and Happy 2023 Boot Nation!

Well, nothing says “glutton for punishment” quite like moving your entire HQ and operations (vehicles, staff, equipment, worm habitat) during the holidays. But after weeks of coordination and days of plowing through we are thrilled to announce that Team Boot has officially moved from our longtime home in Malden to the City of Everett. The new digs have enough space to house fresh operating ventures while affording us closer proximity to the majority of our subscribers. As of right now we’re still settling in, but we hope to have our new space ready for events and tours in the near future. Send us a note, please, to express your interest in visiting someday.

We are also thrilled to announce a MEGA STEP forward in the sustainability of Bootstrap’s operations. At the end of 2022, we purchased an all-electric Ford Transit! This represents a huge innovation in the way we do things here at Bootstrap and we are looking forward to a greener future in which, eventually, our ENTIRE FLEET will be FULLY ELECTRIC. Stay tuned.

Corresponding with our growth as a company,  we’re hiring drivers! Do you (or anyone you know) have driving experience? Are you (or they) enthusiastic about preserving the environment and diverting food waste from landfills? If so, consider driving with Bootstrap! Our starting rate is $18.50/hour but can be negotiated higher depending on experience. We offer health, dental and vision insurance, a robust 401k program, and many other employee benefits! Our warehouse (in Everett, MA) is easily accessible via the 104, 105 and 109 buses. If you or someone you know is interested, please send a resume to and We look forward to working with you!

As a reminder, Scrappy New Year annual subscriptions are still available! If you’re looking to save 20% for a year of Bootstrap’s signature bucket service, then look no further. Please note: this offer expires Feb. 14. Also, if you’re a current Scrappy New Year subscriber and would like to renew for another year, please respond to this email and let us know.

As always, thank you for your continued support and commitment to composting.

Team Bootstrap