Who Are Bootstrap Compost?

Bootstrap Compost is one the best residential and commercial food scrap pickup service operations in the Greater Boston area. Listen to some of our satisfied customers below.

So How Does It Work?
(For Households)


Fill out the sign-up form


We deliver a 5-gallon bucket to your door


You fill it up with your scraps, we’ll pick it up & replace it


We compost for you & you get soil back


We donate a portion of our compost to school and community gardening projects. We strive to raise awareness about food waste, composting, food systems and, ultimately, nutrition, through workshops, tours and presentations.


Through composting, we are keeping food waste out of landfills. By doing so, we are offsetting harmful GHGs, creating soil amendment for farms, gardens, schools and households throughout Greater Boston. See our stats here.


“I have two children. They are helpful in dumping their leftovers into the bin. I have also told lots of friends about Bootstrap. They always think it’s a great idea. It’s a great service, very convenient.”
Zachary, Jamaica Plain


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